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How to Enter:

Simply fill out the form below to enter. Answer the bonus questions to gain additional entries. If both bonus questions are answered correctly, you will receive 3 entries for the day – 1 for simply filling out the form and 1 for each correct answer!

For Bonus Question 1 - Additional pieces to the puzzle will be added each day (Monday to Sunday). To keep up the fun, new bonus questions will be posted every Monday. Remember to enter daily from Monday Jan 14th to Sunday March 10th to WIN of 1 of 10 $500 travel vouchers.

Good Luck and Safe & Cold-free Travels!

Safe and Effective

Did you know that the active ingredient in COLD-FX, called CVT-E002™, goes through an extensive patented process which is known as Chemical Biological Fingerprinting (ChemBioPrint®)? ChemBioPrint ensures that end result is a pure, precise dose of CVT-E002 in every capsule.
Rules and Regulations
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Bonus Question 1: Guess the Country in the picture
Bonus Question 2: What does the patented process for of ChemBioPrint ensure about the dose of the active ingredient in every capsule of COLD-FX?
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