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The same immune-boosting benefit, soon to be delivered in clear, vegan capsules.

COLD-FX Immune+ Plus


New COLD-FX® Immune+ Plus offers the same immune-boosting strength of COLD-FX® Daily Support, leveled up! Helps reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of cold and flu symptoms, plus zinc helps in energy metabolism, antioxidants, and copper helps to form red blood cells – all with your daily dose of Vitamin D.

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COLD-FX Daily Support, Extra Strength, and Chewable Packages

COLD-FX® Helps Reduce the Chance of Catching Cold & Flu

Our body has the natural capacity to defend itself. However, sometimes it needs our help. COLD-FX® Daily Support has a clinically proven formula. It helps reduce the Frequency, Severity and Duration of cold and flu symptoms by Boosting the Immune System.

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cold fx nighttime and first signs

Symptoms? Take at FIRST SIGNS

Take at the first signs of cold and flu symptoms.

COLD-FX® First Signs® is your ally that’s with you, day and night to help relieve your cold and flu symptoms. COLD-FX® First Signs® helps to relieve symptoms of sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever and headache.

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The Cold-FX® Line

COLD-FX® Immune+ Plus

COLD-FX® Immune+ Plus

COLD-FX® Immune+ Plus helps support Immune function, energy metabolism, and prevents Vitamin D deficiency.

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Cold-FX Daily Support, 60 capsules

COLD-FX® Daily Support

Take COLD-FX® Daily Support to help reduce the chance of catching cold and flu symptoms.

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Cold-FX Chewable Orange, 45 capsules

COLD-FX® Chewable

COLD-FX® Chewables provides the same benefits as the Daily Support formula, but in a chewable format.

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Cold-FX Extra Strength, 45 capsules

COLD-FX® Extra Strength

Each COLD-FX® Extra Strength capsule contains 300 mg of the active ingredient CVT-E002®, which is uniquely derived from the root of Panax quinquefolius.

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Cold-FX First Signs, 24 capsules

COLD-FX® First Signs®

COLD-FX® First Signs® helps to relieve symptoms of: Sore throat, Fever, Cough, Headache, Runny nose and Fatigue.

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Cold-FX First Signs Nighttime, 24 vegetarian capsules

COLD-FX® First Signs® Nighttime

COLD-FX® First Signs® Nighttime is a Sleep Aid. This sleep aid formula helps relieve symptoms of sore throat, fever, cough, headache and runny nose and helps to relieve sleeplessness associated with common cold.

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The voice of our customers

It is our go-to medication when we start to feel flueish or sniffily . It works to help prevent symptoms from getting more severe.


There’s no doubt in my mind that this stuff really works. I was feeling run-down, with body aches & pains, chills, you name it-I had it. My wife gave me some of her COLD-FX & before I knew it I was back on my feet, good as new. COLD-FX is now part of my cold-fighting routine. I can’t stop all the colds and flus from attacking me, but taking COLD-FX on a daily basis helps me to build a strong shield to protect my body, and that’s good enough for me.


I did not wait for any signs, just stayed the line, took COLD-FX, had the Fall Flu shot and tried to eat healthy for the most part. Not a single sniffle all winter and spring! I am SOLD!


Having 3 Kids at home .. it’s almost impossible to feel tired and be sick. It’s Go go go until they are all sleeping basically. And i cannot rely on a Semi-Good fix to get me back on track. I need something I can depend on all the time, and for me, COLD-FX is that go-to. Never miss a beat when i need it. Thanks a lot for all these years of Dedication and Research to make this for us.


COLD-FX helps me maintain peace of mind that I’m doing all I can to stay healthy and prepare for the rest of life’s challenges.

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