In colder conditions, dry air takes more effort for your lungs to humidify, forcing your body to work harder and subsequently require more water. Here are some ways to amp up your drinks:

Healing Hot Toddy (Alcohol-Free)

Try this natural alternative with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and thermogenic properties. Centuries old, the hot toddy originates from a drink in India, produced by fermenting the sap of palm trees with sugar/spices. Adapted by various western cultures, the modern recipe is a common household remedy that provides a sense of childhood nostalgia and cold-fighting action.

Homestyle Apple Cider with a Pumpkin Chai Infusion

Hot apple cider is a winter staple for most Canadians, and no good cider would be complete without a few fresh cinnamon sticks. Combines the traditional delight of hot apple cider with the medicinal properties of cinnamon and a blend of pumpkin spice chai for added zest.

Naturally Flavored Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Like a good pair of long johns, hot chocolate is a synonymous winter classic that reminds us of cozy and warm seasonal moments. Try one with natural ingredients like dark chocolate, which contains 75% less sugar. Combined with the wholesome deliciousness of peppermint, this beverage should satisfy the cravings of any COLD-FXer with a sweet tooth.

Hot Water and Lemon Infusion

When pursuing health through natural remedies, simplicity should never be undervalued. It may seem basic but try blending the healing properties of turmeric with the cleansing benefits of citrus. Similar to cinnamon, turmeric offers a range of health benefits that support the immune system throughout winter months. Simultaneously, citrus provides a source of vitamin C and fiber, which can reduce total blood cholesterol levels and lowers risk factors associated with heart disease.