We love hearing from our COLD-FX’Rs.

What makes a COLD-FX’R?

Immune health is a priority for the COLD-FX’R and they arm their immune system against cold and flu on the daily.

Collette takes her COLD-FX five times a week, and hasn’t had a cold or flu since she started taking it. She explains, “People need to know if you already have a cold, nothing will magically take it away!” Now that’s a COLD-FX’R! For more information how to incorporate COLD-FX® Daily Defence into your routine, check out our dosing information.

The COLD-FX’R is proactive about their immune health and believes that while life isn’t perfect, they ensure their body has the best chance of staying strong and healthy. If we fight smarter, we stay stronger. This includes staying active, eating well, getting quality sleep and taking care of our immune system.

It’s this kind of motivation and positivity that inspired our new COLD-FX dress code! While our clinically-proven formulas have remained the same, we’ve updated our look to better reflect you – the dynamic, energized and motivated COLD-FX’R.

Proactively taking COLD-FX daily so you don’t need to worry about a cold stopping you from doing what you love. How do you stay healthy? Like Collette’s story, we want to hear how you protect yourself from getting a cold and continue to live your best life! Share your story on our Facebook page. To be sure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label.