Winter sports aren’t just for the pros, especially when Canada has tons of great parks and hills to try winter sports you’ve been watching on TV. Dust your skis off and pull out your skates, and we’ve got you covered to enjoy your next snow day the COLD-FX way!

We’re going the extra mile to keep you doing what you love: COLD-FX® helps to increase production of certain types of cytokines that may signal and activate the immune system in high performing athletes.

Here’s our list of popular winter sports and Canadian locations to try them out:

Alpine Skiing: British Columbia

Alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiing has been a popular winter sport since 1936. The goal of this sport is simple. Get to the bottom of the mountain, faster than everyone else.

Alpine skiing is also a great workout combining endurance and resistance training! It has positive effects on the heart and circulation, as well as peripheral muscles, mainly the legs.

We are blessed that British Columbia is home to 13 major ski resorts and over 1,400 designated runs. From Whistler to Kicking Horse there are plenty of options to learn how to ski or master a new run. Planning a British Columbia ski trip? Check out to browse their collection of skier and snowboarder submitted reviews in the following categories: overall rating, all-mountain terrain, nightlife, terrain and family friendly.

Bobsleigh: Alberta

Bobsleigh or bobsled teams are made up of two or four teammates making timed runs down a narrow and twisting iced track in a gravity-powered sled. The timed runs are combined to calculate the final score.

Why is it such a good workout? It’s a hybrid sport, combining speed and power. Athletes must explode off the start while pushing a bobsled that can weigh around 500 pounds.

Interested in trying the bobsleigh? Check out Calgary’s Olympic Park where, if “you provide the courage, they provide the experience.” They have options for public bobsleigh, luge or skeleton. If you are a thrill seeker then this sport is for you!

Curling: Ontario

Players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target (four circles). Points are scored for the stones resting closest to the centre at the conclusion of each end.

Curling is great exercise for your mind and body. There’s a reason it’s called “chess on ice.” The stone alone can weigh 45 pounds and if you’re sweeping, it’s a great cardiovascular workout. Unlike other sports on this list, curling is low impact, making it great for all ages. Curling clubs exist all over Canada. For both novices and pros, there are plenty of options available to get on the ice. The Oakville Curling Club offers “Try Curling” nights. Equipment is provided so all you need to do is bring a pair of clean rubber soled shoes and wear loose fitting pants.

In addition to being a healthy exercise, curling is also inexpensive, requiring very little in the way of equipment. The sport is accommodating of those with a range of physical abilities.
And of course, don’t forget your wacky curling pants! The zanier pants the better for this slippery sport.

Snowboarding: Quebec

Snowboarding requires strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and balance. It’s an aerobic exercise that offers an intense cardio workout. It also works out all the major muscle groups in your body, making an excellent total body workout. Quebec offers some truly outstanding snowboarding opportunities. Unlike the big mountain alpine experience, Quebec ski resorts are generally below tree line. In addition to the variety of resorts, the friendly hospitality and excellent local cuisine are big draws for snowboarders. Consider checking out one of Quebec’s most popular resorts, Mont Saint Sauveur.

With this year’s epic snow fall you are bound to hit some powder conditions. Why not look into taking lessons to take your skill to the next level?