Shawn Alguire from Cornwall, Ontario knows the importance of good immune health. Shawn is a nurse and a father of two kids and doesn’t have time to be sick. We caught up with Shawn to find out how COLD-FX® keeps him going all year round.

COLD-FX: Hi Shawn, we would like to know what do you do to stay healthy?

Shawn: I try to eat right. I take a multivitamin and aim for 10K steps per day. I used to have to track them with my phone, but since winning the Fitbit I can track them easier.

COLD-FX: Which COLD-FX® product do you like most?

Shawn: I’m a nurse, so I am constantly on the go and can’t afford to get sick. It’s one of the reasons I like COLD-FX®. My family uses COLD-FX® Chewable Grape because they are convenient.

COLD-FX: What sports or activities do you do to stay healthy?

Shawn: We like to go swimming and we try to do family walks after work to the park or around the neighborhood. Gives us time to talk to each other about our days, too.

COLD-FX: What is a typical day in the life for you?

Shawn: I am constantly on the go. I have two active kids and 12-hour work shifts. It’s important to me to make sure I get a good night’s sleep. That’s a priority, although it doesn’t always happen.

COLD-FX: Thanks again for sharing your story Shawn!

Shawn: Thank you for the Fitbit COLD-FX®!

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