Winter is here, along with cozy sweaters, mugs of steaming cocoa and delicious, indulgent comfort food. Like a warm hug in the form of a meal, comfort foods can elicit happiness, geniality and nostalgia. While being good for the soul, these foods aren’t always good for the body. We’ve taken five of your favourite, comfort foods and given them a nutritional twist so you can enjoy them guilt-free!

Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie

Potatoes, minced beef and butter make us think of cold days by a warm fireplace. Shepard’s Pie is a classic, delicious meal, but it’s not so good on the stomach. Try swapping for sweet potatoes, an excellent source of vitamin A and a very good source of vitamin C and B6. 

This recipe from Healthy Mummy features tons of veggies, adding colour and nutrients to your dish.

(N)ice Cream

Ice cream is always around, even in the colder months: it’s the perfect dessert to laugh or cry into, but the calories and fat content can be a real bummer. Healthy hack: freeze chopped bananas and blend until creamy, then freeze again for banana (n)ice cream! A powerhouse of nutrients, bananas provide a great base that can be mixed with chocolate, peanut butter or coffee to make a variety of flavoured sweet treats. Take a look at the Kitchn for more (n)ice cream ideas


Nothing says cozy like a hot bowl of chili after being outside in the blistering cold. A fall and winter favourite, this dish can be just as delicious by swapping meat for extra beans, veggies and spices. Plus, you’re still getting tons of protein from kidney beans and potassium from white beans. (Source)(SourceFor the “Best Vegetarian Chili in the World,” try this recipe from All Recipes.

Kale Pesto Pizza

Warm, cheesy pizza can really hit the spot. But it can also leave you feeling less than healthy after you’ve devoured a few slices. A green alternative to the greasy pie is a kale and pesto pizza: kale is chocked full of protein, fibre and folate, making it a superfood of sorts. (Source) The pesto adds a fresh, light sauce that won’t weigh you down and tastes delicious! Cookie + Kate has a great Kale Pesto Pizza recipe that sounds to die for.

Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Noodles Pasta

Picture this: a giant bowl of hearty pasta, a glass of red wine and a blizzard raging outside while you’re nice and warm in your kitchen. You can still have all that (even the wine!), while keeping good nutrition in mind. Swap the carb-heavy noodles for some zoodles: zucchini noodles! Zucchini is fat-free, and high in water and fibre. (SourceInspired Taste has a yummy-looking Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Noodle Pasta you should check out tonight.