Being a school teacher means you’re exposed to germs all day, making a strong immune system your best defense against daily exposure to viruses. Our COLD-FX’R Lynn Goad is a teacher who lives and works in Whitby, Ontario manages to stay healthy and fit all season long.

I’m Lynn Goad and I am a school teacher and dog lover. Peggy my black Lab keeps me moving no matter what the weather is like outside. On weekends, my husband and I take Peggy on a 6-km walk around the lake. It is important that we go for long walks because my new Fitbit – which I won from the COLD-FX Defence Zone – is keeping track of the steps I take.

I try to get in an ambitious 10,000 steps a day! The cool thing about a Fitbit is that it keeps me honest about how much I’ve done and often motivates me to keep going, even when I think I have done enough.

Healthy living is important to me and I start each day with some healthy living practices to help me get through the day. I start with a healthy breakfast and a workout in my home gym. I focus on strength training when I am at home and I use weights to stay strong.

A few healthy eating habits I follow include avoiding a bun with a hamburger, trying to eat at home as much as possible and choosing healthy lunch options like yogurt and fruit for lunch. I try to avoid carbs and focus on protein in my diet.

I’m a school teacher who is exposed to germs all day. I took COLD-FX Daily Defence last year and did not catch a cold. I think eating healthy, exercise and getting your steps in is essential to staying fit all year long