The Laval Rocket is a professional ice hockey team and serves as the top development league affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Montreal Canadiens. Based in Laval, Quebec, Canada, the Rocket play their home games at Place Bell.

Getting your head in the game and keeping it there is something the Laval Rocket know all too well. It’s a test of mental and physical strength that, when done well, can affect the outcome of anything. Find out how the Laval Rocket prepare off the ice to make sure they perform on the ice.

Support from the team

Hockey, the heart of our nation, is a sport that is adored by millions, and is a sport that has the ability to bring people closer together.

Relying on the support of teammates, both new and veteran, is what keeps many of our favourite Laval Rocket on top of their game. When your support system is strong and there is an understanding of what you’re trying to do, your opportunities to thrive are limitless.

Having fun

While hockey is a naturally competitive sport, and the Laval Rocket always want to come out on top, having fun and enjoying playing the sport are what will allow for a win on the ice.

For many on the team, hockey is a sport that was played throughout their lives, beginning as an activity they enjoyed as children. Keeping that child-like fun approach to the game is what propels the team to success. Solely focusing on the outcome of a game can take the joy out of playing the sport, and while this could lead to a win on the ice, the mental game is left out in the cold.

The fans

Fan support is everything.

Support from excited, cheering fans energizes players. Re-watching old game highlights and connecting with players and fellow sports fans online helps keep this community charged and close and ready for when they’re back together at the arena.

Cheers from the bleachers (once mass gatherings are allowed again) gives the players momentum throughout the game, which almost always translates into their performance on the ice and has the ability to motivate and possibly influence the outcome of a game.

How can you apply these tips to your everyday life?

While most of us aren’t hockey players in professional leagues, we can certainly take away a thing or two from the Laval Rocket.

Keeping a strong support system in your life makes trying new things so much easier. Whether it be friends, co-workers, family, or a mentor or coach, that support system is what will help push you towards where you want to be.

And lastly, have fun with whatever you’re doing. It’s so important to remember that sometimes things just really aren’t that serious.