Are you Summer-ready? And no, I’m not talking about being beach body ready.

I’m talking about movement ready. Having the mobility and strength to fully capitalize in the summer adventures you’ll be embarking on this summer. It’s always a motivating time as we spring into summer activities and embrace the outdoors.

Despite our best intentions, we tend to be less active during the cold months. With that reduction of physical activity comes a bit of movement rust. Not to worry though, here are five fundamental movement patterns that will get you movement ready for any activity you’ll be enjoying this summer.

Fundamental movement patterns are essential human movements that we perform on a daily basis. Ensuring you perform these movement patterns correctly will increase your strength, improve coordination, and reduce your risk of injury.

Fundamental movement patterns consist of:

  1. Push
  2. Pull
  3. Squat
  4. Lift (hinge & carry)
  5. Plank

Understanding and performing these movements efficiently will allow to you perform daily tasks such as squatting up and down from a chair, pushing/pulling doors, lifting your bag from the ground, and maintaining an upright posture after a long day on your feet.

You can view the JAMFITNESS Movement assessment by visiting Youtube Video.

So how can you make sure you are summer ready?!

The best place to start is with understanding your movement mechanics. Asymmetries and functional limitations impact nearly everyone’s movement in some way. Over time, such limitations can lead to injury if they are left unchecked.

The most important part of being physically fit or beginning fitness activities is understanding your body and how it works. Moreover, unless you understand why you’re doing a movement or what it’s for, you’re most likely wasting your time, or worst, putting yourself at risk of injury.

The key is to educate yourself on how to properly do each fundamental movement pattern. There are four factors that each movement should incorporate that will help you make huge strides in your fitness progress and overall quality of life.

  • Flexibility – the ability of your joints and muscle to move through a passive range of motion.
  • Mobility – the ability of your joints and muscles to move through an active range of motion.
  • Strength – the ability of your muscles to generate force by contracting.
  • Technique – the ability to perform movement whilst maintaining a sense of balance and coordination.

In doing each movement as such, you will strengthen your joints, have an increased ability to maintain muscle tension for healthier posture, move effectively at end ranges of movement, and most importantly, build the habit of moving mindfully.

Mindful moving is your ability to connect with your body and have a sense of control in the manner in which you interact with the world through movement. Summer activities come in a variety of forms and levels of intensity. Regardless of what your preferences are, be it hiking or gardening, swimming or biking, the fundamentals are the same.

Incorporate these fundamentals whenever and wherever possible and you’ll be summer ready regardless the time of the year!

Enjoy the movement gains! #mvmtgains


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