As the temperature drops, and we get further into the fall and cold and flu season, make sure to continue to layer up, with fashion! We swear it’s good for the immune system. Here’s why!

Research shows cold viruses spread easier in colder temperatures, meaning exposure to dry air and cold may negatively impact our precious immune systems. Staying warm while protecting your head, fingers, and neck from the cold, aligns just in time for fall fashion.

Hats and hoodies

Wearing a hat or hoodie on colder fall days puts a “cap” (pun intended) on your body heat. By covering your head, you trap heat inside your body rather than releasing it into the world. To ensure your head and ears are well covered, while still maintaining your sense of style, wear a beanie or a toque. If it’s too warm in the day for a hat, a hoodie is a great idea.

Have a good morning stretch

Gloves and mittens are not just an accessory in cooler weather, they provide our hands with much needed warmth and protection. It’s important to remember the “skin is our body’s largest organ, and our first barrier of protection against microbes and other dangers.” While gloves and mittens both protect against the elements, mittens do a better job on colder days. The fingers are kept together, trapping warmth inside while protecting your hands from harmful exposure to the cold. If you’re in search of lighter protection from the cold, try sleek and stylish fur-trimmed or leather gloves.


While scarves could be a year-round fashion item, they’re also key in protecting your neck, nose and mouth on colder days from cold and flu viruses. A 2015 study found when the nose is subjected to colder temperatures for prolonged periods of time, cold viruses thrive! Scarves also protect from directly inhaling cold air. Wrapping a scarf around your neck, nose and mouth creates a pocket of warm air, kind of like a personal defence system! This insulation improves your ability to fight off cold and flu viruses. Trendy oversized knit scarves have been a stylish go-to for a while, but shorter, sleeker wool or plaid scarves are also a great option if you’re trying to avoid the bulk. Pair either with a leather or denim jacket on warmer days, or a peacoat when it’s colder and you’re good to get outside with your fashionable self!