Hi COLD-FXers, my name is Sarah Burbidge. Working as a park attendant at various times of the morning or afternoon, staying warm and cold-free is a challenge – especially when I am allergic to grass!

I have a busy life: having a father who is undergoing chemotherapy while juggling the demands of everyday life, I cannot emphasize enough how much I rely on COLD-FX Extra Strength. Even though I try my hardest, a cold is always inevitable.

I make sure to stay hydrated. I relax at home by reading a book or watching my favourite tv shows. However, COLD-FX is my to-go-to to make sure I am stay on my feet and keep hitting the ground running day after day.

I realize that everyone’s journey to maintaining their health is different but inspired by my personal healthy hero – my mom – I am trying harder to stay healthier. I am very grateful to have discovered COLD-FX to keep me on the defence even before the signs of a cold start creeping in.

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COLD-FX helps reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system.