Hi COLD-FXers, I’m Tina Gladstone and my battle with cold and flu started when I was a child. As a kid, I got sick all the time. My dad, being a doctor, had me on Sulfa drugs to prevent colds but I was still pretty sick. When I eventually had my own child, I started to get even sicker, which eventually motivated me start to do whatever it took to make my immune system stronger.

I visited a naturopath and spent thousands on supplements and a vitamin drip, but these therapies did not make any difference. I even tried acupuncture, but nothing made a difference. I started to get paranoid around sick people and couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted with my family, on my work and having fun with my friends.

I started to accept life with a cold, as my reality. I eventually saw an allergist and discovered I was allergic to dust mites. I tried to reduce the dust mites in my home but was unsuccessful. I started to take allergy shots around the same time I started taking COLD-FX and noticed a significant improvement in my health that winter.

I paired that up with using hand sanitizer frequently, along with integrating some hygienic practices, like ensuring I don’t touch my face after touching gym equipment. The same goes for grocery stores and when on airplanes.

I make sure to take COLD-FX daily and I take First Signs® when I need it. My life has markedly improved. I am happier and less paranoid about being around other people. I now feel like a normal person who doesn’t have to worry about always getting sick, and I have noticed this for the last three winters.

I keep my COLD- FX on my kitchen counter at home and on my desk at work so I can take it whenever I need to. I always pay attention when there are special sales and employee pricing events at Shoppers Drug Mart, because COLD-FX is such a staple for me.

I consider myself very health conscious and make sure to get an hour-long workout three times a week. I do yoga every Sunday and I try to keep a mindfulness practice before bed. My diet is everything that a diet should be. I focus on eating brain foods, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fish. I try to get eight to eight and a half hours a night to feel healthy. For me, health is a daily focus, so I always concentrate on mental and physical health when planning my day.

Tessa Virtue is my healthy hero; it was such pleasure watching her perform last year at the Olympics!

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