Anyone who has spent a winter in Edmonton knows the snow and cold temperatures come with a vengeance and seem to last well into spring. Staying healthy, motivated and fit can be a real challenge for people living in Alberta’s capital city. One Edmontonian though, hasn’t had a cold in years, despite having two kids and a busy schedule.

My name is Jason Neufeld and I’m a proud resident of Edmonton. I work full time, play hockey once a week and enjoying living my life to the fullest, and so, I don’t have time to be sick. My routine includes taking COLD-FX Daily Defence, staying active and eating right. I believe, “the fitter you are, the healthier you will be.”

I haven’t had a full-fledged cold in years, I credit taking COLD-FX Daily Support everyday and if I ever feel the first signs of one coming on, I always take COLD-FX First Signs. I thank the product for my great health and ability to play hockey all winter. I recommend COLD-FX to my family and friends to stay healthy and continue to play the sports they love. Having two young kids who always seem to have colds challenges my immune system, but COLD-FX is an important defense tool I swear by. “Even if I get a cold it is no big deal as long as I take COLD-FX.”

Meal planning is also a big part of my healthy-living routine. I try to limit eating out by planning my family’s meals ahead of time and minimizing unhealthy fast food choices.

After being one of the lucky winners to score a Fitbit from the COLD-FX Defence Zone draw, I’ve been tracking my sleep patterns, eating habits and heart rate with the fitness tracker. In addition to playing hockey, I play both football and volleyball and like to keep track of how good of a work out I’m getting through tracking my heart rate. I never takes off my Fitbit, as I enjoy the reminders to get up and move around, thereby preventing me from becoming sedentary. I’m happy it helps me live my active lifestyle, alongside COLD-FX that helps me to be my best self.

Jason is a true COLD-FX’R who has managed to stay healthy, active and on top of life this winter. Thanks for sharing your story, Jason!

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