According to recent news, 69 per cent of consumers make New Year’s resolutions, of which 54 per cent want to improve their physical well-being and 32 per cent desire improved financial health.  A Twitter study showed Canadians’ top 10 New Year’s resolutions include kindness, patience and charitable donations. Despite our nation’s pursuit of happiness and altruism, the fact remains, we still want to look fitter and leaner, and feel healthier and more energetic with each passing year. Losing weight and hitting the gym still top the charts as Canadians’ most popular New Year’s resolutions. Add happiness, good karma and a six pack and 2018 could be the year we finally have it all!

However, according to a 2017 Ipsos poll, 73 per cent of Canadians who make a New Year’s resolution will eventually break them. We’re ready to arm you with simple changes and tips to help you establish and stick to your goals. Let’s kickstart the new, healthier you with these 2018 health and fitness resolutions, so simple they will become full on lifestyle changes in no time.


Drink more water. Juices and pop have tons of refined sugar which makes them an unhealthy option when you’re looking to boost fluid intake and cut calories for weight loss. Grab a reusable bottle and fill it with sliced fruit and veggies (we like lemons, grapefruit and cucumber!) for a natural sweetness that will make guzzling back the recommended eight to ten glasses of water a breeze.


Don’t have a gym membership but working out is top-of-mind for 2018? Go for long walks. A 30-minute walk can burn over 100 calories and it can be as simple as getting off a couple stops before your destination when you’re riding the subway or bus to work. Walking is a low impact, cardiovascular workout that can promote fitness and weight loss. It’s also great for the environment!


Things like pasta, breads and rice are simple carbohydrates that peak insulin levels, which won’t keep you full for long. Swap the grains for greens, filling at least half your plate with colour. This can be simple like a mixed green salad, roasted beets or broccoli and cauliflower.


Getting dressed and heading out the door is the hardest part for most people when it comes to hitting the gym. Make the gym part of your routine through a schedule, route plan and having a gym buddy. Create a schedule for yourself to hit a gym goal attendance every week. Plan your school or work commute to go to the gym before you get home, as we all know we get lazy once we get home. Going to the gym can be fun again by buddying up with a friend or family member who has similar fitness goals. A gym buddy will hold you accountable, encourage you when you’re not feeling motivated and will make the gym a social event.


Try an at-home fitness or food challenge to kickstart healthier habits. Forego all added sugar for a month, skip the alcohol after a boozy holiday season for the (short) month of February or start a 30-day squat challenge you can complete in the comfort of your own living room. Pinterest has tons of challenge ideas here.


Quality sleep is essential to optimal health. Not only does poor sleep impact brain function, it can also limit athletic performance. Quality sleep can ensure you feel your best and perform your best – in and out of the gym. Go on, hit that snooze button – but just once though.

Hope these tips help you stick with your 2018 resolutions to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We’d love to hear more about the lifestyle changes you’ve made in 2018 and what other topics you’d like to hear about from us. Leave us a comment on our COLD-FX Facebook and Instagram page