In March, we polled our Twitter fans about their healthy eating goals, and heard that it can sometimes be a struggle. Breakfast is an important meal in the day, but when you’re busy, it’s an easy meal to skip.

The summer months bring warmer weather and longer days. Whether you’re heading to work, the beach or dropping the kids off at summer camp, you’re always on the go and trying to soak up as much sun as possible. With all the activity, it’s important to properly nourish your body by eating a healthy breakfast. We’ve got you covered with a list of easy breakfasts to grab on the go:

Fruit Salad Cups

Fruit salads are a refreshing summer favourite and are easy to prepare. Fruit has important vitamins to boost your immune system. Did you know kiwi and papaya actually contain more vitamin C than oranges? They offer some variety to “shake up” your usual fruit selection.

Prepare your fruit salads the night before and store in easy-to-grab containers for the next morning. And if you’re heading to a picnic this summer and need a convenient but fun option, Chatelaine has a zesty fruit salad option.


Smoothies are another great on-the-go option because they are full of nutrients and taste great. Berries in smoothies not only add loads of flavour, but are jam packed with antioxidants to help your body fight stressors.

Whether you blend berries into your smoothie or sprinkle them on top, they are a nutritious addition to a grab-and-go smoothie. Canadian Living has an immune boosting smoothie that’s a quick thirst quencher during the heat.

Yogurt cups

Yogurt cups with berries or chia seeds as toppings are an easy breakfast for your busy summer mornings. Many yogurts contain probiotics, which help keep your gut healthy and your body functioning well. Make sure to choose a yogurt that does not contain too much sugar and instead maximizes your protein intake. It’s also a great base to add to your fruit salad or berry medley for an immune slam dunk! CBC has an easy yogurt cup recipe with delicious toppings.

With this arsenal of easy and on-the-go breakfast options, you will be prepared to take on the summer days with a full stomach in the morning!