It starts with a sniffle, building up to a congested mix of coughing and finally the culmination of a runny nose. At the office, on the playground, and in your home, it seems like it’s the seemingly inescapable spread of flu season. Do not despair COLD-FXers – we’re here to get your defences up and keep you part of the no-excuses club! Here are four flu-fighting must-haves for the cold season:

1) Boost your tea

This Chatelaine recipe combines natural ingredients with various medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory turmeric, digestive-aiding ginger, antioxidant rich cinnamon and vitamin C-filled citrus.

2) Sooth yourself with soup

Brighten your day and boost your immune system with the power of a flu-fighting garlic soup! Combining antioxidants, garlic is the heavy hitter you need to stay healthy this season.

3) Get those vital veggies & spices

During flu season, nutrition is a key factor in keeping the immune system strong. Stocking up on veggies like carrots (rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A), kale (full of antioxidants and vitamin C), garlic (contains allicin, a sulfur-based compound, powerful against bacterial infections), and ginger (a strong anti-inflammatory and digestive aide) will keep your kitchen ready to give you ingredients for a healthy punch.

4) Don’t forget your COLD-FX® Chewables

Whether you’re on-the-go or having a moment eating breakfast in the kitchen, COLD-FX® Chewables provide the same benefits as the Daily Support formula, but in a chewable format—allowing you to take them with ease, anytime, anywhere. It helps reduce the Frequency, Severity and Duration of cold and flu symptoms by Boosting the Immune System.