As the temperature rises and snow starts to melt, it’s time to kick wellness into gear for the warmer season by doing some cleaning. No, we’re not going to tell you to clean your air ducts or sweep behind your fridge – spring cleaning is just as good for our mind as it is for our home.  

We all know the feeling of relaxing in a space you just organized or crawling into freshly cleaned sheets – and it feels good! A clean space can decrease stress and anxiety, increase productivity and encourage a better sleep. Here are some more ways to achieve that feeling that don’t require a mop.  

Make room for good habits 

The best way to clear out the bad habits we’ve hoarded over winter is to replace them with feel-good ones. It’s common to fall into bad habits without even realizing it – especially over the winter. The weather is grey and cold, which leads to staying in, getting cozy, binge watching and snacking. (Hey, we all do it!) Here are some swaps to consider: 

  • Watching TV into the late hours of the night because you said one more episode three episodes ago is not only cutting into your sleep schedule but also making it harder to fall asleep due to emitting blue light. Try setting two alarms for a nighttime wind down without screens. The first when it’s time to read a book, meditate or do a full skincare routine, and the second when it’s time to sleep. 
  • The morning is no different. When you wake up, avoid grabbing your phone. The temperature is warming outside and it’s the perfect time to start swapping your morning scroll for a morning stroll. Put on your favourite podcast or daily affirmations and soak in the sunshine and fresh air – even if it’s just for a trip around the block. 
  • We all have our favourite comfort snacks, which may have become nightly snacks during the winter.  Instead of ice cream, toss some frozen fruit into your favourite yogurt. Roasted chickpeas are a nutritious alternative if crunchy chips are your guilty pleasure. Get creative to satisfy your cravings. 

Relax with gardening 

There are plenty of benefits to gardening. Growing your own fresh food helps you eat healthier, picking weeds is great exercise and you’re soaking up Vitamin D by being outside. It’s also great for your mental well-being. A green environment creates a calming space, reducing stress levels. Even if you don’t have a large outdoor garden, adding greenery to your space and caring for plants can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Write it all down

If you ever kept a diary when you were a teen, you know how good it feels to let it all out. This still applies when you’re an adult, we just call it journaling now. If your mind is feeling cluttered or disorganized, putting it to pen and paper can help you manage anxiety and reduce stress. It’s a healthy way to deal with any overwhelming emotions or just to organize your thoughts without judgment. You don’t need to follow any structure, spell words correctly or worry about what anyone will think. Journaling can also be a great mindfulness practice – write it all down, then let it go. 

Try these tips for getting back into gear for Spring!