I’m Calvin and I’m an MRI technologist with the Saskatoon Health Region. I was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago and have been pushed to live a healthier lifestyle ever since.

I work out with weights and cardio six to seven days a week. I try to eat healthy on a daily basis. I minimize sugar in my meals, I eat natural, whole foods and choose organic whenever possible. I rarely drink alcohol anymore. I eat lots of veggies, fruits, nuts and avocados. I try to avoid dairy, breads and processed foods. I try to minimize my carb intake and drink at least 3 litres of water a day. I love starting the day with oatmeal and berries, a protein shake and a handful of almonds, which I take after I finish my cardio workout.

Since I moved to a healthier lifestyle, I’ve reversed my diabetes. My blood sugars are now healthy and stable!

I try to minimize stress in my life by staying positive, smiling and laughing a lot. I love to play sports. I play tennis, badminton, beach volleyball and golf to name a few. I enjoy hiking, camping and snowboarding. I have lost over 50 lbs this year! I like to run because it is good for the body and it is easier now that I am lighter. I feel like a new man.
At work, I see many people suffering from different health problems. Seeing sick people every day has given me the ability to be grateful for what I have. After work I lift weights. This helps drain my excess energy for the evening. I relax at night by putting essential oils in my diffuser and listening to calming music.

I have two healthy heroes in my life, they are my mom and my brother. Both people have changed their lifestyles also and lost lots of unhealthy weight. I am so proud of them. They are my inspiration and motivation. They have been supporting me so much as I live this new healthy lifestyle.

I started using COLD-FX two years ago. I was amazed at how well it worked and continues to work for me. When I feel a cold coming on or I am starting to feel sick, First Signs® is my go-to. When I got colds in the past, they seemed to last forever. I rarely get colds now and when I do they don’t last that long thanks to COLD-FX! My favourite COLD-FX product is the Daily Support 200mg capsules. COLD-FX is always in my cupboard. IT REALLY WORKS!! I love this stuff!

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