Physical activity is a great way to stay warm and well, especially in colder seasons! From Pilates to jumping jacks, we’ve got all the fun ideas you’ll need to ‘warm up’ in the cold weather. Let’s stay active (and toasty)!

Remember to always consult your doctor before starting new exercises to ensure they are safe for you.

Try a low-impact Pilates workout

Suitable for most fitness levels, Pilates is a terrific all-over workout to increase muscle  endurance and improve posture, flexibility and balance. There are tutorials for all levels of skill and experience available online, and some Pilates studios offer virtual classes too.

Dance the cold away

Get your blood pumping and your feet tapping. Warm up your body and boost your mood at the same time with a dance party alone or with friends.

Dancing, like other aerobic activities, can improve your cardiovascular health but the benefits of dancing are wide-ranging. Dancing can improve flexibility, heart health, mental well-being and quality of life. 

Check out some online dance tutorials or press play on a funky playlist and get moving!

Jumping Jacks

Plyometric exercises, like jumping jacks, are a great way to get warm efficiently. These exercises are high intensity for a short amount of time; meaning you can get the heart-pumping effect of cardio without spending hours on a treadmill. 

Plus, there are so many variations to keep things fresh like squat jacks, rotational jacks and low-impact jacks!

Take a hike!

It might seem counter-intuitive to warm up by heading outside during sweater weather but your best ‘warm up’ exercise can happen easily outdoors. Hiking offers many overall health benefits, short and long term. Like other cardio-based activities, an increased heart rate from hikes can keep you toasty and fit. And there’s growing evidence that being in nature does wonders for your mental health too!

Here are some other key tips to make the most of your hike, while staying safe:

  • Wear layers so you can regulate your temperature throughout the hike

So, whether it’s a quick burst of cardio or a low-impact workout, exercise is a sure-fire way to maintain good health and beat the winter chills.