My name is Katrina Bodner and I take my health very seriously. I am a big believer in making my own meals at home, not drinking sugary drinks, and regularly exercising to make sure I maintain a strong immune system. Unfortunately, because I work at a hospital, I am more exposed to illnesses and germs than a regular person. That’s why I trust the help of COLD-FX. It helps reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system. This helps me keep doing what I love and meet my responsibilities.

Winter is especially hard due to the dark winter months, which get me depressed due to SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It’s difficult to stay active when I don’t get to ride my bike to work and back or exercise as much due to the weather. I also feel my body needs more energy to stay warm. COLD-FX helps reduce the chances of catching cold and flu by boosting the immune system. It helps me gets through those dreary, cold, dark days of winter and helps me get back to my daily routine by reducing the time I spend sick. And I love my routine, which changes with the season, but includes my favourite things: walking, biking, working at my job, cooking meals, working out, laundry, grocery shopping and making time for my friends or family.

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