While some call it the “dead of winter,” COLD-FXers! embrace the cold and fight back with fun, active, outdoor activities. Need inspiration to keep the winter active streak going? Check out these fun things to do in winter:

Strap on your skates and hit-up the
local rink!

Although you can ice skate any time of year at your local arena, you can only enjoy the beauty of an outdoor rink in the winter months. Most communities or cities host free outdoor rinks for everyone to enjoy, so check your local website or message board to find out where they’re set-up! If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and have enough space, you can always try building your own skating rink, using these tips.

Grab a group of friends and plan a trip to a winter festival!

Festivals aren’t just for summer! Canada is home to many amazing winter festivals. In fact, Carnaval de Quebec in Quebec City is the largest winter festival in the world. The festival has been delighting guests with ice sculptures, dog sledding and sleigh racing since 1894. Don’t live close to Quebec? Don’t worry! Check out these winter festivals from all over Canada. Layer up and head out the door!

Play in the snow!

You’re never too old to play in the snow. Whether it’s a snowball fight or building a creative snowman or snow fort, when the snow comes, going outdoors to explore the fresh fallen snow with friends or family is something everyone can do. Remember to bundle up and keep COLD-FX close by, because cold viruses spread easily in colder temperatures!

Try a day-trip to a winter adventure park!

If traditional tobogganing has lost its thrill and skiing or snowboarding is far too difficult, try tracking down a nearby adventure and tubing park. There are exciting choices coast-to-coast from Olympic Park in Calgary, where you can race down an actual bobsled track, to the 61-runs of Glissades in Quebec. Tubing and winter adventure parks are something the whole family can enjoy and is a great way to have fun and get active.