Who understands the importance of staying healthy better than someone who works in the insurance industry?

I’m Carol Markusa and I am a retired insurance company disability claims professional from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Because of my previous role in the insurance industry I understand the importance of staying healthy and how it affects your long-term health.

Since receiving my Fitbit through COLD-FX®’s Defence Zone contest, I enjoy wearing it when I play golf.

Because the Fitbit keeps track of my steps, it motivates me to walk the golf course instead of taking a cart. You would be surprised how many steps you can get in just by walking to each hole! I dare you to try it – you’ll be proud of how

much you’ve actually worked out. Eating well is an important way I try to stay healthy, and I always make sure I eat at least two fruits a day. I am a big fan of Rose Reisman’s cook books – she inspires me to cook lean and healthy. The best part is she is also Canadian! When I am looking for inspiration I hop onto social media for health tips and tricks from my online community.

I take COLD-FX® First Signs® when I feel the first signs of a cold coming on. This spring, I actually got the one of the worst colds of my life – just goes to show you colds can happen at any time of the year! Staying healthy year-round is important to me so I can keep doing what I love.

Thanks for the Fitbit COLD-FX®!

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