Staying healthy year-round can be challenging but it is even harder when you’re a parent. François, a dedicated COLD-FXer, shared with us his story for how he ensures strong immune health, so he can focus his time on caring for his son.

“As a father, staying healthy isn’t only about me, it’s also about my son. Whether I’m staying healthy, so I can keep up with him and all the activities he wants to do, or whether I want to save my sick days for when he’s under the weather, I feel like his well-being is dependent on my good health.

My favourite part of the day is going for walks with my son. No matter the season, nothing can hold us back from our outdoor walks. We enjoy the scenery and the time together and it keeps us moving. That’s why I take COLD-FX, so I can keep doing what I love.” *

*COLD-FX helps reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu by boosting the immune system.

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