Lazy summer days are behind us and fall routines are in full swing as we settle into a new normal. Whether you’re still adapting your fresh fall routine or want to make sure you stick to your daily flow, here are some tips for building habits that last:

Make it easy for yourself

When forming new habits, clearing any obstacles can help. If you’re trying to drink more water, keep a glass nearby. If you’re working out in the morning, pack your gym bag and leave it by the door. Pack a healthy lunch the night before. This makes it easier for you when you’re just not feeling it.

Be consistent

It takes time for a new behaviour to become automatic (an average of 66 days to be exact). The more often you stick to your routine, the quicker it becomes a habit. Just don’t bite off more that you can chew – if you’re new to running, start with a daily walk and increase the intensity as you go. If you’re trying to get to bed a few hours earlier, make your bedtime one hour earlier every week. It will be easier for your mind and body to adjust.

Track your progress

Write out your routine and keep track of the things you want to accomplish in your day. At the end of the week, take note of the areas you were consistent with and which routines need some more work. Enlisting a friend to hold you accountable to your goals can also keep you focused.

Reward yourself

Reinforce your habit with a healthy reward. This can be after you’ve succeeded or during your routine! Listen to your favourite podcast while you exercise, pick up a yummy latte during your walk, or reward yourself with your favourite healthy snack or some “me time” after you meditate.