Did you know that exercise is a key pillar to support your immune system?  Keeping up with a fitness routine during the shorter days and colder months can be a struggle in itself, but when your workout gets stale, it’s even harder to stay motivated. So how do we keep exercise exciting during the fall and winter? 

We’ve shared some tips and tricks to renew your fitness enthusiasm by shaking things up and keeping you smiling through the sweat – you got this!

Remember to always consult your doctor before starting new exercises to ensure they are safe for you.

1. Issue a challenge or competition

After all, Olympic athletes always look jazzed to get on the field. Friendly competition can be a powerful motivator and incentive for exercise.

  • Try an app that gamifies your experience and compete with other fitness lovers virtually.
  • Pose a challenge to your friends. For example, a duel to see who takes the most steps in 24 hours, an online fitness challenge or see who logs the most gym time each week.

2. Create a reward system

everyone is wired to thrive on delayed gratification or results. Immediate rewards are a strong indicator of persistence so they’re great for making physical activity a regular part of your routine in the colder months. 

Focus on small, immediate rewards like a cookie, watching your favourite TV show, or drawing that bubble bath you’ve been craving. No matter what you choose as your reward, it should make sense for your lifestyle and your health goals! And remember, you earned it.

3. Everything is better with friends! 

Make time for your social life and personal wellness at the same time by fitting a fitness-loving – or reluctant but willing – friend into your calendar. Working out with friends has great benefits, including more consistent, motivated and adventurous physical activity

Go for a walk, take a dance class or tackle a challenging at-home workout video together. If you’re laughing with your pals, you might not notice the pain in your abs from holding that plank!

4. Listen to an epic playlist

An awesome playlist in the background of your workout will keep you motivated and feeling like a star thanks to the positive effects of music on physical activity. Not only is it motivating, but music with the perfect beat and tempo can help you set a consistent workout pace. Having fun and feeling motivated – that’s the best of both worlds!

Add a playlist to your music library or create your own custom list. Here is some girl-power pop, high-energy bops and a Top 50 workout songs list to inspire your next workout playlist.

Whether it’s a competition, a reward system, bringing your friends along or a workout soundtrack – small changes can make a big difference in keeping you motivated!