With summer here, so are barbecues! And while tasty, do you wish barbeques could be a bit healthier? Well, we have delicious alternatives that keep the traditional taste of all the meals we love but add a scrumptious and healthy kick to them.


Burgers are usually on the menu at a barbecue or summer picnic, but why not change things up a bit? Instead of the traditional ketchup, mustard and relish combination, top your burger with a mango or tomato salsa. Switch your traditional cheddar cheese with Swiss or blue, and maybe add mushrooms and onions, to get your veggie intake. Also, naan bread is a great substitute for burger buns.


Our favourite alternative to the traditional grilled meat and veggie kabobs, are fruit and dessert kebobs!  Grilled pineapple with a little cinnamon is a delight, or better yet, grilled apple skewers make for a yummy snack or dessert. The apple skewers are especially mouth-watering when fresh off the grill on a cool evening or sliced over ice-cream on a hot summer afternoon.


We all love a good salad, so why not experiment with some light and refreshing ingredients: fruit! Even try adding fruit to your traditional garden salad. Watermelon, feta, and lettuce (with a sweet vinaigrette) are sure to win over your guests—and your taste buds.

Corn Cob

Add a bit of kick to the grilled or boiled corn cob by adding a buttery concoction for dipping. Keep it healthy with garlic, sweet chili or chipotle. Maybe instead of salt, combine your favourite spices and shake on for some bold flavour.